The finest of French culinary, in the heart of Lisbon, offering the most exquisite experience in high-end gastronomy.
The finest of French culinary, in the heart of Lisbon, offering the most exquisite experience in high-end gastronomy.
The finest of French culinary, in the heart of Lisbon, offering the most exquisite experience in high-end gastronomy.

French culinary through the fusion of traditional experience
and creative modernism while defining the “new exquisite”
of high-end gastronomy.


Tomatoes marinated in lovage oil, parmiggiano panna-cotta , anchovy emulsion, bread crumble and bloody mary sorbet
Sea bream tartare, wasabi cream cheese cannelloni, strawberry sorbet and cucumber water “vinaigrette”
Glazed Octopus in Teriyaki, Onion Pickles, Yuzu Jelly and Vegetarians Spring Rolls
Nori marbled foie gras, beetroots tatin, horseradish emulsion


Duck Breast, Kohlrabi with Hibiscus, Blackberry and Sweet-Sour sauce
Slow cooked lamb rack, eggplant “moussaka”, yogurt and lamb juice
Catch of the Day, Burned Spring Onion, Mussels, Chorizo and Korma sauce

Lobster Ravioli , Courgette and Aneth Velouté, Texture of Courgette, Bisque


Fresh peach, exotic broth,  basilic sorbet and peach clafoutis
Fourme de Montbrison, Laranja Mecânica, Figs and Granola
Raspberries, chocolate curd, matcha financier, white chocolate foam and chocolate/sakura leaves sorbet


Starter: “Terrine de Campagne”, horseradish emulsion, mustard seeds and seasonal vegetables pickled
Main Course: Pork Belly Confit, Sweet Potato Pure, Shitake and Pak Choi
Dessert: Fresh peach, exotic broth,  basilic sorbet and peach clafoutis

Starter + main _ 22€   /   or   /   Main + desert _ 22€
Starter + main + desert _ 27€
Direct main _ 16€

When you seek for something new and different, and you find yourself
immersed in a sensorial experience far beyond what you expected…

The fulfilling singularity of luxury to your palate and senses, by Chef Philippe Gelfi

Nestled in the courtyard of Palácio Belmonte, near Lisbon’s iconic Castelo São Jorge, Grenache is the perfect assemblage of old and new. Every plate is crafted keeping in mind that tradition and modernity are to be paired rather than opposed.

My passion for cooking dates to as far as I can remember. Originating, of course, as a helper in my grandmothers’ kitchen.
With the onset of the summer and the blue Provençal skies came the most exciting time of the year for me, cooking with the family and being privy to secret recipes.
Provençal cuisine is high-spirited but simple, focusing on preserving the taste and texture of seasonal, fresh ingredients.

At Grenache my mission is to bring to you everything I learned there, but this time attached with a subtle modernity.
I wish for you to experience modern French cuisine, simple, honest and with adherence to age old techniques but most importantly paying homage to local Portuguese produce.

A minimalistic gem, uniquely crafted through the fusion of Provençal and modern cuisine

Hailing from Avignon in the South of France I began my career at the early age of 15. Soon I had the privilege of working with Avignon’s most renowned chefs Robert Brunel and Christian Etienne (One Star Michelin). It was not long before I moved to Paris to work as the Executive Chef of Pierre Sang in Gambey.
What came next was the most enthralling experience of my career, working at Restaurant Le Gabriel (Two Star Michelin) at Paris’ exquisite Hotel La Reserve under the guidance of Chef Jérôme Banctel.
I ended my Parisian experience as executive chef of Bistro Volnay, where i was able to feed my passion for wine with Philippe Marques, former Sommelier of Alain Senderens.
Being an avid lover of wine, at Grenache I bring to you an interesting and hand-picked selection of wine to complement your meal.

True craftsmanship! An experience of uniqueness, like silk
wrapped around the soul, where ambience designs a minimalistic
depth through the historic vibrations felt within its walls.

We seek to fulfil by offering the singularity of exclusivity.
An unrepeatable moment that will last forever, in each visit.

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While diving through a unique dinning experience, we showcase art exhibitions
within the ambience of our restaurant, as we’re currently presenting the sculptures
of french artist Philippe Mougin. Click below for more information on the artist and his work.